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Small Parcel Audit

Posted by Gene Warner

Small parcel audit services help logistics businesses reduce shipping costs and improve customer satisfaction. This is accomplished with the aid of specialized software that flags extra charges like residential delivery surcharges, address correction surcharges, hotel fees, and more.

Parcel Audit

It can take a lot of time to sift through each invoice and identify errors, file claims, and monitor whether credits show up on future invoices. Outsourcing this work to a freight auditing firm can save a lot of time and resources. Click Here to learn more.

While a parcel audit can be expensive, it can save your company money in the long run. Parcel freight audits are usually performed by third-party companies and software programs that help you reduce shipping costs. These services will typically charge a flat monthly subscription fee and a percentage of the refunds they recover for you. They will also identify any extra fees such as residential delivery charges, address correction surcharges, and remote area surcharges. In addition, they will provide recommendations on how to lower your shipping costs.

When choosing a provider, look for a firm that has experience in the shipping industry and extensive knowledge of small parcel logistics. Also, choose one that offers a wide range of parcel auditing points and an automated invoice processing and data analysis system. In addition, choose a provider with a good reputation and client testimonials.

The benefits of small parcel auditing include improved visibility and tracking capabilities, and a reduction in shipping costs. These services can also help you improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. Moreover, they can help you avoid paying unnecessary freight and parcel rates by identifying billing errors in your carrier invoices.

Many logistic companies struggle with high shipping costs. This is often because they don’t have the necessary tools to manage their parcel freight costs. A thorough audit is the best way to uncover these errors and get back any lost money. Whether you are a small or large business, conducting an audit can dramatically reduce your shipping costs.

While the cost of a parcel audit is expensive, it can save your company thousands in the long run. In fact, you may be able to recover up to 40% of the total amount charged to your account. This is a significant sum that can be used to cover your shipping expenses and other operational expenses.

In addition to identifying billing errors, these companies also verify that shipping rates are accurately applied based on negotiated contracts and agreements. They can also dispute additional charges such as duplicate charges and fees that are not aligned with the agreed-upon rate. These erroneous charges can add up quickly and lead to overpayments.


Whether you need to manage shipping-related costs, reduce the impact of rate increases or simply improve your transportation network’s efficiency, a comprehensive parcel audit will help you unlock savings. It will also provide a clear picture of your carrier performance and allow you to renegotiate your contracts with confidence.

In addition to avoiding costly invoice errors, a small parcel audit will identify areas of potential cost savings and optimization. This process involves analyzing shipping data and identifying inefficiencies that may result in overpayments or billing discrepancies. This will save your business thousands of dollars and lead to long-term financial benefits.

A reliable service provider can streamline the process of reviewing, processing, and paying carrier bills. It can also implement safeguards against erroneous billing and provide real-time insights into shipping trends. These benefits are critical for shippers who struggle with tightening capacity, driver shortages, rising fuel prices, and other supply chain challenges.

When choosing a small parcel audit service, look for one that has extensive experience and a proven track record. Also, make sure the company offers a comprehensive technology infrastructure that ensures efficient invoice processing and data analysis. A reputable service provider will also have a good reputation and client testimonials that demonstrate their dedication to customer success.

Small parcel shipping audits can identify numerous errors on carrier invoices, including avoidable address correction charges, dimensional weight charges that exceed actual size, incorrect zone validation, and proof-of-delivery errors. These errors are costly and need to be addressed promptly. A comprehensive parcel audit will enable logistic businesses to claim refunds from carriers and reduce shipping costs.

A specialized small parcel service provider can deliver significant savings to its clients. This is because they have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in small parcel shipping and can spot opportunities for improvement. In addition, they can use automation tools to reduce invoice processing times and increase accuracy. The best way to find a reputable service provider is to review their portfolio and client testimonials. You can also ask for a free trial to test their software.


A Small Parcel Audit, or freight audit, is the process of meticulously sorting through shipping invoices to ensure that companies are only paying for what they should. This is essential for businesses that rely heavily on parcel shipping and want to keep their profits high. By using a Small Parcel Audit service, you can reduce your transportation costs and avoid paying for mistakes that could cost your company thousands of dollars each year.

The time involved in Small Parcel Audit depends on the size of your business and how many shipping invoices you need to check. It’s important to find a reliable service that can audit the most invoices in the least amount of time. It also helps to use a service that has a team of experts ready to help with any questions or concerns. A good Small Parcel Audit service should offer flexible pricing options to suit the needs of your business.

In addition to addressing issues like overcharges, a Small Parcel Audit can also save your business money by improving its data accuracy and efficiency. By identifying and correcting errors in your shipping data, you can eliminate wasteful expenses, streamline operations, and increase your bottom line.

Various factors can cause errors in your shipping invoices, including: erroneous rates-the carrier charges you the wrong discount; avoidable address corrections-charges for trivial address corrections; duplicated charges-invoice billing done twice; and inaccurate dimensional weight calculations. These errors can cost your logistics business thousands of dollars annually, but can be easily corrected with a Small Parcel Audit.

These services can also help you negotiate with carriers and get refunds for overcharges. Additionally, they can help you manage your freight costs, especially with annual rate increases, unforeseen accessorial fees, and rising fuel costs.

SSI offers a range of freight payment and auditing services, ranging from basic to comprehensive. These services are customized to meet the specific requirements of USA-based shippers and include analytic and credit reports. These reports can help you identify the areas that require improvement, and will also aid in strategic planning and optimization.


Small parcel audits are a great way to catch mistakes and save money, but it is important to choose the right service provider. Some companies make claims that their auditing process is more efficient than others, but this can be misleading. In fact, it takes a considerable amount of time and expertise to review a carrier’s invoice in-house. It is best to leave this task to a professional, especially given the complexity of shipping rates and accessorials.

Some of the most common mistakes include late deliveries, incorrect class levels, duplicate charges, and inaccurate fuel surcharges. These errors can add up to significant losses for shippers. It is also important to remember that shipping prices can increase at a moment’s notice, so it is crucial to be aware of the impact of these changes on your business.

Carrier contracts often include discounts, service guarantees, and accessorial fees. Audintel’s team of experts is familiar with the intricacies of these agreements and can help you save money by identifying mistakes that may result in refunds. They also monitor fuel surcharges to ensure that you are not overpaying for a service that you have already paid for.

Another benefit of small parcel auditing is that it helps you track your package delivery dates and times. This information is useful in negotiating with your carriers, which can lead to a more profitable relationship. In addition, it can help you manage your inventory better by enabling you to avoid overstocking or understocking items.

Using a small parcel audit service can be beneficial for any size company, and it is particularly useful for companies that ship high volumes of packages. The best part is that these services can save you thousands of dollars by catching errors on your carrier’s invoices. These errors can include unnecessarily expensive address corrections, inaccurate fuel surcharges, and incorrect dimensional weight charges. In addition, the service can also help you determine whether your carrier is charging you for residential or commercial delivery. This can be a major savings for many businesses. In some cases, you can even request a refund from your carrier for a lost or damaged shipment.

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