Founded in 2014 by self-taught designer, Tshering (Chimmi) Choden, CHIMMI House of Design has grown from a home-based business into Bhutan’s first internationally recognized fashion house. CHD is a socially conscious brand that supports sustainable growth within the local textile industry by providing salaried employment opportunities to local weavers, tailors and artisans.

The brand's success not only ensures the preservation of Bhutan's unique craft, but guarantees that the art will continue to evolve; building upon traditional techniques to create contemporary designs. Like generations of women before them, Chimmi Choden and her weavers are innovating new patterns, incorporating different fibers and experimenting with color combinations. The effect is a timeless fusion of past and future; a style that very much reflects the social evolution happening in Bhutan today. 

Through their committed teamwork and inspired collaborations, CHIMMI House of Design is uplifting—and ultimately redefining Bhutanese textiles in modern times. 


Wearable Couture with a Bhutanese Flare. 


Weavers dying wool yarn

Each piece that walks the runway has a story.

That story begins in a boiling cauldron of flower petals and leaves. Silk, raw silk, yak wool, and cotton yarn are dipped, dyed, and hung to dry beside a bubbling stream. The story then moves to the loom, where it slowly begins to take shape under the skilled fingers of our master weavers. Every textile is conceptualized, designed and meticulously mapped out by Chimmi and her team; each weaver bringing her own unique patterns and ideas to the loom. 

CHIMMI House of Design is blessed with the skills and expertise of four master weavers. All of our weavers come from weaving families in Eastern Bhutan and have developed their craft over a lifetime of on-the-loom training. Each district in Bhutan specializes in certain patterns, but every weaver stores her own individual designs in her head; passing the patterns down to her daughters, and hopefully, her granddaughters. 

An Afternoon Dying Yarn